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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information: Home

Coronavirus Knowledge Resource Centre

Please note that these pages are still in development. The situation regarding what is known about COVID-19 is fast moving and whilst every effort will be made to check the currency of the links, it is advised to check websites directly in case of any updates. If you have any queries about this site, please contact Dorset Library and Knowledge Services

We would like to thank colleagues working at Bucks Health Library Service for allowing us to reuse content from their page

Evidence search service

Staff can request a literature search on any topics related to COVID-19. Please note that as this is an emerging field there might be limited evidence in some areas. 

To help us prioritise requests:

For urgent searches, please email: and mark your search as urgent in the subject line

For non-urgent searches, please use our online request form 

Recently added to this site

Add to site 12 May

  • Updated PHE/Government Guidance
  • Updated CEBM
  • Updated IPC page
  • Added Meaningful May wellbeing calendar

Add to site 05 February

  • Free "Sleep School" wellbeing app added to wellbeing
  • Updated PHE/Government Guidance
  • Updated CEBM

Add to site 14 January

  • Free ebook "How to stay calm in a global pandemic" added to Wellbeing

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